By Annalisa Damley More than 190 countries observe Earth Day and it is said to be the largest secular holiday in the world, celebrated by a billion people every year. On Saturday, April 23, the Upper Eastside NET Office, under the direction of Administrator Sharie Blanton, hosted a celebration of Earth Day at Legion Park. […]

General Tire Building – 5600 Biscayne Boulevard

By Rosemary Ference The construction of Biscayne Boulevard from Downtown Miami northward did not begin until 1925. The men responsible for its construction, Hugh Anderson and Roy C. Wright, partners in the Shoreland Company, had made huge investments in the Miami area. Unfortunately, the Shoreland Company was unable to complete the work, and in 1926 […]


The MiMo/Biscayne Boulevard Historic District was created by the City of Miami in 2006. It became the first commercial historic district in the City and one of the first primarily “MiMo” historic districts in the Country. Two of the many benefits available to historic buildings in the District are Federal tax credits and local property […]

The South Pacific: from Motel to Wotel

The South Pacific: from Motel to Wotel written by Jorge Planas The South Pacific Motel 6300 Biscayne Boulevard Year Built: 1953 Architect: Charles Giller Located at 6300 Biscayne Boulevard, the South Pacific is one of the most photographed buildings within the MiMo Historic District, from its unique and whimsical façade to the vintage neon sign. The […]

Greetings to the Community

Greetings to the Community written by Sharie Blanton I consider myself a resident of Miami first and an employee of the City of Miami second. What I expect for the Upper Eastside is the same expectation I have for my neighborhood, further south in Omni. Since arriving in the Upper Eastside NET office on December […]


NEW NET ADMINISTRATOR APPOINTED TO UPPER EASTSIDE  written by Nancy Liebman  I had the pleasure of meeting Sharie Blanton, our new NET Administrator, at Jimmy’s Diner for breakfast one morning. We had a great time talking about the Upper Eastside and the MiMo historic district. Sharie also shared her ideas for her new position. I was […]

History of the Coppertone Girl Sign

THE COPPERTONE GIRL SIGN written by John Bachay As you drive south on Biscayne Boulevard through the MiMo Historic District, you see the iconic 35-foot Coppertone Girl sign proudly displayed on the north side of 7300 Biscayne Boulevard. Benjamin Green, who emigrated from Slovakia to Cleveland in 1904, invented and developed the product that would evolve […]


MIMO NEON written by Debby Stander According to an April 1954 article in the Miami Daily News, a new trend in tourism had taken South Florida by storm. New motels were being opened in the area at the rate of one every two weeks. Biscayne Boulevard, the gateway to the Magic City, was an attractive […]

A Look at the 79th Corridor

|  By Mark Ingraham  |   Over the last couple of years, the MiMo Biscayne Association (MBA) has taken a keen interest in the re-emerging area adjacent to the MiMo District known as the 79th Street corridor. The street has been subject to an FDOT Roadway Plan and construction has been ongoing for approximately a […]

Notes from Upper Eastside Parking Committee Meetings

|  Rosemary Ference  |   Generating More Parking for the Area Residents from various HOA’s in the Upper Eastside and the MiMo Biscayne Association met with the Officials from the Miami Parking Authority on a couple of occasions and came up with ideas to generate more parking in the area from NE 59th St to […]