About Us


We are a group made up residents and business owners with backgrounds in preservation, architecture, development, and urban planning. As a non-profit community organization we meet on a regular basis to discuss important issues that affect all of us that live in the Upper East Side.

We believe that by engaging City, County State officials we as a community can effect positive changes within the district.


  • Preserve the character of the 1950’s commercial district
  • Promote MIMO Boulevard and an aesthetic pedestrian and bicycle streetscape
  • Encourage property tax appraisals to be based on income rather than highest and best use
  • Market the MIMO brand through festivals, events, and seminars
  • Educate the public about historic preservation and he value of protecting historic districts
  • Ensure that rehabilitation and new in-fill on MIMO Boulevard meet MiMo guideline rules
  • Defend historic properties against “demolition by neglect”
  • Work with professionals and local universities to study urban planning issues and economic factors that drive MIMO Boulevard
  • Restore the significance of MIMO Boulevard as and exciting commercial destination

The MIMO Biscayne Association is a volunteer non-profit community organization created to generate appreciation for and public awareness of the City of Miami’s first commercial district, The MIMO Biscayne Boulevard Historic District, through education, promotion and cultural activities for community residents, business/property owners and visitors.