By Debby Stander

Heads up, MiMo business owners: Did you know that the City of Miami/Department of Community Development may be able to help with the cost of restoring the facade of your commercial property? Depending upon funding availability, the City’s Commercial Façade Treatment Program can provide up to a maximum of $8,500 funding for $10,000 worth of work. Allowable improvements include pressure cleaning, painting, awnings, doors, signs and security shutters.   To be eligible, the entity must be an operating for-profit business having a valid and current occupational license and a valid and current certificate of use for the type of business involved. The improvements must also be visible from a main commercial corridor in a census tract area with 51% or more of low income residents and the area must be primarily residential in character.

Help may also be available for commercial properties that have received code violation notices from the Code Enforcement Department. The City’s Commercial Code Compliance Program can cover as much as 85% of code compliance costs for eligible properties, up to a maximum of $15,000 of work. That means a maximum of $12,750 of your costs could be covered.

Participating businesses must provide matching funds as follows:

$2,000 and below                  5%

$2,001 to $5,000                  10%

$5,001 to $10,000                  15%

$5,001 to $15,000                  15% (Code Compliance only)

The above programs operate based on funding availability. For more information, please contact:

Luis Canales

Tel: (305) 576-9895

Rafael Hernandez Housing & Economic Development

3550 Biscayne Boulevard – Suite 310

Miami, FL 33137

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