MIMO NEON written by Debby Stander According to an April 1954 article in the Miami Daily News, a new trend in tourism had taken South Florida by storm. New motels were being opened in the area at the rate of one every two weeks. Biscayne Boulevard, the gateway to the Magic City, was an attractive […]

A Look at the 79th Corridor

|  By Mark Ingraham  |   Over the last couple of years, the MiMo Biscayne Association (MBA) has taken a keen interest in the re-emerging area adjacent to the MiMo District known as the 79th Street corridor. The street has been subject to an FDOT Roadway Plan and construction has been ongoing for approximately a […]

Notes from Upper Eastside Parking Committee Meetings

|  Rosemary Ference  |   Generating More Parking for the Area Residents from various HOA’s in the Upper Eastside and the MiMo Biscayne Association met with the Officials from the Miami Parking Authority on a couple of occasions and came up with ideas to generate more parking in the area from NE 59th St to […]

Our Growing Community

|  Mark Lovett  |   A Look at the Events and Businesses that are Building our Community.  The MiMo District of Biscayne Boulevard between 50th Terrace and 77th Street has become the up and coming neighborhood in Miami.  One of the really cool things that happens in this previously blighted area is the Upper Eastside […]

MBA and the Boulevard: Progress at Last

|  Nancy Liebman  |   A Letter from the MBA President The saga of Biscayne Boulevard becoming a pedestrian-friendly street continues at a snail’s pace, making progress step by step. At a summit meeting in July attended by Robert John and Jorge Planas representing MBA; Joseph Eisenberg, City of Miami Planning Staff; FDOT Planning staff; […]

MIMO Buzz in the Miami Herald

“The energy is there. You can just feel it,” said Nancy Liebman, president of the MiMo Biscayne Association Restaurants. Shops. Offices. MIMO District has it all.  In the Miami Herald, MIMO was featured and all the explosive energy that is oozing out of the district.  You can check out the article at  or read it […]

Miami Today – US1 as a Walkable Village

We were excited to hear that Miami Today News published an article of our wonderful MIMO district as a walkable village.  Catch the article below. US 1 as a walking village? Written by John Charles Robbins on December 10, 2014 Miami’s mayor and city commission are backing efforts by upper eastside residents to slow the traffic on Biscayne […]

A MiMo Biscayne Association update: What we’re doing for historic Biscayne Boulevard

  With historic Biscayne Boulevard emerging as a great destination, properties and uses changing hands, new shops and restaurants opening, and the Vagabond is restored to its original MiMo self, the MiMo Association joined the party with a brand new website.  Same address:, but a whole new look like the Boulevard.   The Association […]