Notes from Upper Eastside Parking Committee Meetings

|  Rosemary Ference  |


Generating More Parking for the Area

Residents from various HOA’s in the Upper Eastside and the MiMo Biscayne Association met with the Officials from the Miami Parking Authority on a couple of occasions and came up with ideas to generate more parking in the area from NE 59th St to NE 77th St. (May 2015).

  • Possibility of utilizing parking available in alleys behind restaurants, shops, etc.
  • Additional street parking being returned to Biscayne Boulevard.
  • Shared Parking to be utilized e.g. Chase Bank parking area used in the evening for the restaurants.
  • Empty lots being utilized for temporary parking.
  • Utilizing areas along the Railroad tracks for parking.
  • Resident parking decals for residential areas that may be experiencing parking overflow.
  • Bringing the Trolley to Upper Eastside up and down Biscayne Boulevard.
  • Educating residents to utilize mass transit system.

The first meeting was focused on discussing the items above and that a request be made from the city to update a parking study that was done in April 2008. Bob Powers and R. Ference met with Mr. Noriega to request an updated study and review the items above.

The next meeting was held with City officials with Mr. L. Bier Parking Consultant (Mr. Bier and his staff would be preparing the updated study) and Bob Powers, A. Cepeda and R. Ference discussed the study and the items above.

In August 2015 Mr. Bier, City Officials and Bob Powers, A Cepeda and R. Ference met and toured the area and Mr. Bier also mentioned that he had done a virtual tour with data available prior to the meeting to be more familiar with the areas and items mentioned.   Mr. Bier is going to prepare an update of the area as per data and material available in September 2015, and then revisit the areas during high season traffic time in December 2015. Between September and December he would see if there are any changes in the area and prepare a final summary from that data.