A MiMo Biscayne Association update: What we’re doing for historic Biscayne Boulevard

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With historic Biscayne Boulevard emerging as a great destination, properties and uses changing hands, new shops and restaurants opening, and the Vagabond is restored to its original MiMo self, the MiMo Association joined the party with a brand new website.  Same address:  www.mimoboulevard.org, but a whole new look like the Boulevard.


The Association is also seeing progress with its advocacy issues:


The City of Miami and the Florida Department are reviewing an exciting new plan for the Boulevard from 61st to 77th Street.  The Plan has medians and parallel parking to give the Historic Biscayne Boulevard the look and feel of a walkable urban pedestrian destination.  The Plan was done by MBA’s talented team of board members – architects, urban planners and engineers.


The MiMo Association is currently working with the city’s expanded and enthusiastic historic preservation department and the city’s preservation board.  First and formost, the Association is reviewing the issues of “demolition by neglect” and “transfer of development rights”.  Future discussions will include a fresh look at the Boulevard’s development regulations.


Exciting new programs, forums and events are being planned for 2014/15.  Be sure to watch for the calendar of events on our new website.  Mark your calendar for November 25, 2014.  It is an important MiMo event, the second Annual Morris Lapidus’ Birthday Party hosted by the Eden Roc.

The MiMo Board meets monthly on the fourth Monday morning of the month.  Meeting locations and dates may vary, so always check our new website calendar to confirm.


Lastly, we invite you to join the excitement.  Come on down to the Boulevard and try the wonderful restaurants, shop in our boutiques, take a walk through the historic neighborhoods that surround the Biscayne Boulevard, and enjoy the uniqueness of the Upper East Side.  The Biscayne Boulevard is Miami’s first and only local historic commercial district, the locally designated historic neighborhoods date back to the 1920’s   See you there.


And, of course, please see the new website for information about how to join the MiMo Biscayne Association.

Biscayne Boulevard Vagabond Motel

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